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Most of our business is advisor driven.  Therefore, we understand that your success is our success.  This is why we take our advisor relationships very seriously… Canterbury Benefit Solutions does not compete with our partners.  To get to know us, please contact Steve Kyburz at 317-816-5790 or send an email to Steve at

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      • ASPPA designations and membership (American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries)
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    • Managing Partner and Manager of Plan Administration each with over 28 years of benefits consulting and administration experience.

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  • Your success is our success
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Retirement plans are established by businesses for the benefit of their employees – including the business owner.  We work with the following business entities each of which can adopt and sponsor a retirement plan.

  • Sole-proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • C- Corporation
  • S – Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
Traditional 401(k)
Safe Harbor 401(k)
Roth 401(k)
Profit Sharing
Money Purchase
Multiple Employer Plan (MEP)
Defined Benefit
Cash Balance
Combination Designs

We all know that 401(k) plans are now considered the plan of choice for most employers.  Many advisors focus exclusively in the 401(k) market.  However, as popular as these plans are, they have funding limitations leaving some employers asking themselves “Are there other plan design options to consider?”.

The answer is “Yes”.  Given the right set of employee demographics, our office can design a qualified defined benefit plan for the sponsor to adopt and run in tandem with their existing 401k plan allowing for larger employer contributions/deductions – literally saving thousands of dollars in taxes – the dollars are later taxed on a individual basis when the accrued benefits are paid to the plan participant – the lump sum equivalent of the accrued benefits are also eligible for tax-free rollovers to a personal IRA.

A now popular type of defined benefit plan is a “Cash Balance Plan”.  The cash balance plan is a “hybrid” defined benefit plan that has some features resembling a defined contribution plan.  Each participant has a hypothetical account that grows in two ways… First the account is credited with an interest crediting rate and second, the account receives an employer contribution based on the plan’s formula.  Contrary to a 401(k) plan, the cash balance benefits are guaranteed to the participant and any investment risks are borne by the employer.


Whether setting up an individual defined benefit plan or combining the defined benefit/cash balance plan with a 401(k) plan, the results can provide powerful tax advantages via business deductions while accumulating substantial retirement benefits.  The best way to explain is by example.  The following examples are attached to drive-home the point.  Keep in mind that the defined benefit/cash balance plan is “qualified” by the government no differently than the defined contribution/401(k) plan.  They also must adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations imposed by various governmental agencies.  Therefore, it is important to partner with a firm that has the knowledge and expertise necessary to not only design the plan but also manage the plan in accordance with every governmental rule and regulation year-after-year.

Why Choose Us

  • Proven track record of client satisfaction
  • Successful alignment of plan designs with corporate objectives
  • Efficient and cost effective retirement plan services
  • State-of-the-art computer systems and applications
  • Incorporating the highest standards for quality and service

What Clients/Advisors Say

I have known Steve for over 20 years; both as an employee and a strategic resource.  He and his staff are a huge part of my marketing plan to my pension clients and CPA network that I have established.  His 24/7 and  -whatever it takes, but compliant attitude – is refreshing and important.
Keith B., Director of Advanced Markets - Irvine, CA
Thank you so much for being patient and providing wonderful/professional service.
Suzanne E., Business Owner - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Our company has been a long-term Canterbury client (15+ years) and has had the pleasure of working with efficient, competent, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable professionals. We have trusted CBS to provide guidance and resources needed to manage our retirement needs and oversee our regulatory responsibilities. They consistently go above the call of duty to deliver exceptional and high quality service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Jeanette J., Director of Human Resources - Indianapolis IN
Canterbury Benefit Solutions has managed our 401k plan for the last few years. CBS has been very efficient, and they keep us informed of all new rules and regulations. Previously it was very time consuming to complete the employee census each year. In working with CBS, they have simplified it and do most of the work themselves. If I have any questions or need anything, I call/email and I receive a response very quickly. We have been very happy we made the decision to work with CBS!
Tammy O., Practice Manager, Orthodontics Practice - Indianapolis IN